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0 cookie(s) ● Ahad, 22 Mei 2011 ● 7:47 PG
dear . npaa tk eply xmx syaa ??
uhuh . i felt so sad n wants to cry on your shoulder dear .
i need ue now .
i want ue to back up me for tomorrow .
i need ue soo much !
what can i do now without ue ??
can i breathe without ue ??
dont do this suck things to me dear .
i cant breathe awy without ue .
i need ue dear !
im really sory if i do such as things that make ue angry n make ue go far away from me .
i miss ue dear .
uhuh .
why can ue let me hugs ue for 1nite ??
why ??
do ue luv me ?
if ue luv me .
why ue do this to me ??
huhu .
nobody wants to hear my story .
coz i will never wants to tell them about our relationships .
i will wait for ue until i got a tired :(

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